STAYONS Poultice Boot - to Protect and Secure Hoof Wraps


There's a better and more convenient way to secure hoof wraps - for up to 24 hours.

We recommend STAYONS Poultice Boots as an indoor poultice cover or, if necessary, for controlled walks or 'restricted' turnout into a smaller paddock as appropriate. 

We recommend a 12 -24 hour recheck period (or as directed by your farrier / veterinarian). Replace the poultice wrap should additional poultice time be needed and simply re-apply the boot.

  • Works with all STAYONS hoof wraps
  • Fits most feet

  • Economical, durable, re-usable

  • Works with or without caulks or shoes

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    Supplied: 1 (reclosable, re-usable, disposable, one-size-fits-all) boot per pack

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