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The Freezer Cans provide the cooling power of the Equitainer system.

Note: Due to airline restrictions regarding shipment of certain types of coolants in passenger carrying aircrafts, we have changed the name of the cooling units from "Coolant Cans" to "Freezer Cans."

The Freezer Cans contain the exact amount of non-toxic, non-flammable coolant required to cool the sample at a precise rate and maintain the internal temperature for sperm survival. Depending upon the type of Equitainer used, either one or two frozen Freezer Cans are placed at the bottom of the well.

Storage: The Freezer Cans must be stored upside-down in a deep freeze at least 24 hours prior to use. If a deep freeze is not available, the Freezer Cans may be placed in a regular freezer for 48 hours, however, some standard freezers may not provide proper freezing.

Usage: Once the Isothermalizer is properly loaded with the sample, remove the Freezer Cans from the freezer and place right side-up in the ziplock plastic bag and insert bag into well of the Equitainer. For the Equitainer use two Freezer Cans.

Recommended Replacement: The Freezer Cans contain a precise amount of liquid. Freezer Cans should be weighed on receipt to determine the original weight and then weighed periodically to determine if replacement is necessary. Depending on the number of freeze-thaw cycles, the Freezer Can solution will gradually evaporate. If the cans lose more than 10% of their original weight, they should be replaced. As a rule of thumb, it is wise to replace Freezer Cans every year or so, especially if they show signs of deterioration.

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