Trusted by veterinary schools and universities, the EquOcyte has carried equine oocytes back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean and North America.

“We have used the EquOcyte to ship immature equine cumulus-oocyte complexes both nationally and internationally, and it has done a great job of holding the oocytes at a consistent temperature of 21 to 22 ºC throughout shipment, with maintenance of both meiotic and developmental competence. We actually have moved to holding our oocytes in the EquOcyte overnight in the laboratory, to avoid fluctuations in room temperature. We also use it for shipment of in vitro-produced embryos at room temperature, with excellent pregnancy rates.”

Katrin Hinrichs DVM, PhD, Regents Professor, Patsy Link Chair in Mare Reproductive Studies, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Texas A&M University

EquOcyte time/temperature graph:
48 hour round trip
Boston, MA to Portland, OR to Boston, MA
Shipment by land and air


Current available temperatures: 15ºC, 18ºC, 22ºC, 37ºC. We can also customize any temperature for you needs.

We are Excited to announce the 15 ºC temperature EquOcyte for sheep and other species requiring controlled shipping temperature at 15 ºC .

• Designed to provide a stable environment (15 ºC +/- 1 ºC) for immature oocyte
• Different temperatures available upon request
• Lead lined protection against powerful modern x-rays
• EquOcyte may be opened for short time by security inspectors
• Contains non hazardous, non flammable, non toxic, inert substances
• Safe, Simple & Easy to Use
• Thoroughly Tested & Reliable

EquOcyte Time/Temperature Graph 48 hour round trip Boston, MA to Portland, OR to Boston, MA Shipment by land and air:

It has been documented that the immature equine oocytes are sensitive to temperatures lower than 20ᴼC and are also sensitive to warmer environments. Therefore the EquOcyte has been developed to permit long distance shipping of Equine oocytes at a very stable temperature despite great fluctuations in external conditions due to air travel, ground transportation or just sitting on the tarmac.

The EquOcyte System is designed for shipping immature oocytes and includes:

•EquOcyte Canister – Provides thermal exchange conditions, insulation, and shock protection needed for storage and shipping.  It is also designed to be highly visible to baggage handlers.

•EquOcyte Isothermalizer and Screw-Cap Cover – This is the key component of the system. It is designed to provide a stable environment (22.5ᴼC +/- 1ᴼC) for immature oocytes. The EquOcyte Isothermalizer will hold more than 5 borosilicate 1cc vials or several 5ml tubes, which may be wrapped in a ballast bag for shock absorption and temperature control OR if you prefer you may wrap your vials in some cotton.

•Lead Protection – Lead protection against X-Rays.  The EquOcyte Isothermalizer contains an internal lead shield.

•Foam Isothermalizer cover.  The blue foam cover will slide down easily and should be installed from the top down when you are ready to load.

•Ballast Bags (2) – These contain non-toxic fluid colored with a blue dye and are used to help prevent thermal shock and to maintain the correct thermal regime.  A ballast bag may be wrapped around the specimen tubes or you may use laboratory cotton to protect each vial.

•Thermal Cans (3) – The cans provide the required amount of thermal control needed to maintain your immature Oocytes in good condition at 22ᴼC.

The thermal cans are filled with a non-toxic, non-flammable, inert substance that does NOT require hazardous labeling or special hazardous packaging.

Since x-rays to screen airplane cargo are now 600 times more powerful than they were  a few years ago, the specimen holder in the EquOcyte is surrounded by lead protection.

The design now also permits customs or security to open the EquOcyte for a brief inspection and still maintain temperature control.

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