Equilume Belfield (seasonal)


The Equilume Belfield is for seasonal use. Ideal for breeding purposes.
*The in-built light sensor automatically senses when outdoor light levels are sufficient and turns off light when not needed.

Pack Includes: Mask and activation wand.

The Equilume Light Mask is an individual headpiece for horses that provides timed, low level blue light to a single eye to effectively deliver all the benefits associated with long summer days. Scientifically validated and veterinary evaluated, mobile blue light therapy affords owners the benefits of ease of management, and horses the freedom of natural behavior and improved health and well-being.

The Equilume Light Mask permits efficient light management whether horses are indoors, outdoors or on the road, and it ensures early reproductive success and maintenance of coat condition and summer vigor for competition animals.


• Advances and extends season of optimum fertility for stallions
• Advances breeding season for mares
• Prevents prolonged gestation lengths
• Optimizes foal growth in utero for improved health and strength
• Increases post foaling fertility Stimulates and maintains optimum coat condition
• Reduces costs Permits outdoor living


• High efficiency precision blue Led array with light diffuser
• Blue light is delivered at a specific wavelength automatically each day, no drugs, no hormones, just gentle light therapy
• Eye cup is waterproof so horses can be kept outdoors reducing costs, significantly saving on bedding and labor
• Outdoor living has proven that field-kept mares are happier, and happy mares have greater success with all aspects of fertility and pregnancy.

Enhance Breeding Efficiency

Equilume Performance Lighting has been designed to influence a mare’s reproductive system through mobile Light Masks. We can help breeders meet industry-imposed foal birth dates by increasing the hours of light a horse is exposed to daily.

It is widely understood that providing longer day-length acts to reduce the production of the hormone melatonin and stimulates the mare’s reproductive system to activate earlier in the year. Therefore, foals of the same official age can be produced that are older in actual age.

Deliver Optimal Condition

Everyone knows that the best indicator of a healthy horse on the inside, is a glowing, sleek coat on the outside. Equilume Performance Lighting mimics a long summer’s day, stimulating seasonal hormones, including prolactin that allow your horse to produce a shiny summer coat.

The biologically effective light delivered by using mobile Light Masks ensures that melatonin levels are sufficiently inhibited so to maintain a slick summer coat into the winter months while also optimizing the horses muscle response to exercise.

Maximize Performance

Equilume Performance Lighting is a unique system that comprises fully automated, mobile Light Masks designed to maximize health, growth and performance in horses.

This revolutionary system harnesses all the benefits of natural daylight for the stabled horse and permits continued exposure to optimum lighting when travelling or at pasture. Spring is brought forward and autumn delayed, extending the period of peak physical performance and training capacity.


The Equilume Light Mask was tested in multiple field trials across three continents in the process of bringing the Light Mask to market. Since launching in 2014, customers agree – they’re getting the same benefits of timely gestation, healthy foal weights, and success in getting barren and maiden mares to cycle and conceive earlier as with stabling under lights – but with the added benefits of improved health and fertility that 24/7 turnout brings.


In 2012, a study conducted in conjunction with the University of Kentucky evaluated the reproductive activity of  62 maiden and barren mares. The mares were placed into 3 study groups.

On December 1:

Group 1 were fitted with prototype Equilume Light Masks that delivered light from 4 pm (1600) to 11 pm (2300) daily and were maintained outdoors at pasture 24/7.

Group 2 were maintained indoors at night under standard stable lighting with stable lights left on until 11pm nightly.

Group 3 were maintained outdoors at pasture 24/7 without added light (control).

Over 90% of the mares in Group 1 and Group 2 were reproductively active on February 10. There was no statistical difference in the level reproductive activity between the group wearing Equilume Light masks and the group housed traditionally under stable lights, while only 20% of the control groups were cycling. Equilume is as effective as standard stable lighting at advancing the breeding season in mares. This study was successfully published as a paper in the Equine Veterinary Journal (Murphy et al, 2013).


A group of 30 mixed-breed pregnant mares, all inseminated with the same semen and due to foal in February or March 2013, were selected and evenly divided into two groups.

On December 1:

Group 1 were fitted with Equilume Light Masks that delivered light from 4 pm (1600) to 11 pm (2300) daily

Group 2 received no additional light.
Both groups were maintained outdoors at pasture 24/7.
The average birth weight of foals born to Group 1, the group of mares wearing the Equilume Light Masks, was significantly greater by 8.4 lb.


On December 1, 2012, 15 pregnant mares with a history of long gestation lengths (350 days) were divided into two groups.

Group 1 was fitted with prototype Equilume Light Masks that delivered light from 4 pm (1600) to 11 pm (2300) daily

Group 2 received no additional light.

Group 1, the group of mares wearing the Equilume Light Masks, had an 11-day shorter gestation length than Group 2. (Walsh et al, 2012. MSc AgrSc Thesis, UCD)


An unfortunate side effect for mares with foaling dates that occur unnaturally early in the year is longer gestations and smaller foals. Environmental light influences the development of the foal in utero and regulates when a mare will foal. Nature intended that foals be born during the longer days of late spring and summer – and nature tends to have her way. Stimulating the longer day lengths associated with the natural breeding season by fitting pregnant mares with Equilume Light Masks has been shown in clinical trials to eliminate these side effects in most mares, instead helping the mare deliver her foal on-time and with an optimum birth weight.

Late-foaling mares represent economic loss to the breeder by reducing the number of foals a mare can produce in consecutive years. Mares that foal during the darker days prior to the natural breeding season (e.g. Thoroughbreds) have longer gestation lengths by an average of 10 days. However, 20% of Thoroughbred mares experience annual gestation lengths that exceed 355 days.

Light is the primary influencer of gestation length. Light therapy prior to foaling has been scientifically shown to increase average foal birth weights and prevent prolonged gestation.


18 Thoroughbred yearlings were randomly divided into two groups and maintained outdoors for 22 hours a day in Hokkaido, Japan.

On March 6th:

Group 1 were fitted with Equilume Light Masks that administered low intensity blue light to the right eye daily from dusk until 11pm each night.

Group 2 were maintained under the natural photoperiod.

We observed an advancement of seasonal hair shedding using Equilume Light Masks.


Blue light from individual light masks directed at a single eye advances the breeding season in mares

Artificially extended photoperiod administered to pre-partum mares via  blue light to a single eye: Observations on gestation length, foalbirth weight and foal hair coat at birth

Blue light from light-emitting diodes directed at a single eye elicits a dose-dependent suppression of melatonin in horses

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