"Thank you for your great products, with which I have had great success. The two times that I have used the Rover resulted in successful pregnancies and I would recommend the Rover to anyone who wants great results. Feel free to contact me at Top of the Line Kennels."
- Brent Sewell, Top of the Line Kennels (specializing in Bullterriers)

"I tell everyone that wants to breed to my stud dogs that I ONLY use Rover kits!! You can't go wrong with 100% success so far with Rover."
Kathy Wilkins, Lochlyn Shelties

“Used these (Rover) twice before with great success.  Used another brand that the stud dog owner demanded and failed (same stud dog under different owner used your boxes and got my bitch pregnant).  If I have a choice won’t use any other box.”
- Stephanie Brooks, Enchante Labradors, Coral Springs, FL




“We have used the EquOcyte to ship immature equine cumulus-oocyte complexes both nationally and internationally, and it has done a great job of holding the oocytes at a consistent temperature of 21 to 22 ºC throughout shipment, with maintenance of both meiotic and developmental competence. We actually have moved to holding our oocytes in the EquOcyte overnight in the laboratory, to avoid fluctuations in room temperature. We also use it for shipment of in vitro-produced embryos at room temperature, with excellent pregnancy rates.”

Katrin Hinrichs DVM, PhD
Regents Professor
Patsy Link Chair in Mare Reproductive Studies
Department of Physiology and Pharmacology
College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Texas A&M University