STAYONS Instant Poultice Reviews

These testimonials are reprinted courtesy of STAYONS. 


Ian Millar

The Better Bandage Company (STAYONS) is proud to be an official sponsor of Team Millar. Internationally renowned as Canada’s 1st Family of Show Jumping: Ian Millar, along with son Jonathon & daughter Amy form the heart of Team Millar. We're excited to support Team Millar & their equine athletes with STAYONS poultice products. 

Phillip Dutton

5-time Olympian, 13-time USEA Leading Rider of the Year, 

Individual Silver & Team Gold Medalist, Pan American Games
We're excited to have Phillip both use & recommend STAYONS® poultice products.    

Shannyka Sylvestre

We are proud to announce that Shannyka Sylvestre of Quebec Canada has recently joined Team STAYONS. A professional barrel racer, Shannyka has impacted the barrel racing world over the past 3 years, and was the youngest participant from Quebec ever to attempt the Ladies Barrel Racing Final in 2011. 

"I have been using STAYONS Leg Wraps on both of my competitive horses. The wraps are so easy to use on the road. They help keep their legs tight and help reduce the swelling from long trailer trips and from running hard at a rodeo. 

You can apply them so quickly and so easily. I found that it helps me save some time as we are on a tight scheduled from one rodeo to another rodeo. I usually don’t have time to apply regular poultice because of the numbers of steps & the mess. 

With STAYONS wraps, you just have to soak, wrap and secure your horse’s leg  with a standing bandage. Personally I have been using my quick wraps over them, and they work perfectly. I NEVER GET DIRTY USING STAYONS."


Brandon Phillips

"With STAYONS Leg Wraps I can poultice three horses in the same time it takes for one the old way. It’s just quicker and much more effective than using premade poultice & brown paper methods."

"STAYONS Leg Wraps provide a cleaner, better way to help reduce strains & draw heat from the legs following hard practices & games. You just wet them, wrap them on,  then cover them with a standing bandage. These wraps keeps messy poultice out of my wash racks and keeps my barn drains clear. I’ve got 18 horses in my barn and I’m switching to the better way to poultice legs, using STAYONS Leg Wraps."

Frankie Chesler (Trinity Ranch) 
Former Canadian Show Jumping Team member; Currently ranked member of Ranch Sorting National Championships (NRNC)
 & National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA)

"With all good horsemen, it has become conventional wisdom, regardless of what discipline they compete, to poultice their horses’ legs and or feet as part of their maintenance regimen following a hard work out or competition. 
After using STAYONS Leg Wraps, we highly recommend the STAYONS poultice system and honestly say it is better than known conventional  applications. 

The ease in working with these products makes the job much cleaner and more efficient. Your horses will be better prepared to do their best for you and themselves.  
In  addition, the STAYONS Hoof Wrap poultice choices are simply wonderful, providing  everything one may need for drawing out bruising, abscesses or just treating  sore feet. In short, we at Sher-Al Farm and Trinity Ranch can honestly recommend that once you try STAYONS line of products, you will only use STAYONS. They will become a regular and trusted part of your horse care."

Mikala Chesler (Sher-Al Farm)- Canadian Junior Nations Cup Team member

"STAYONS hoof wraps & boot work great together. The wide 'hook & loop' straps help the poultice wrap stay exactly where it was put into place, offering the confidence of not slipping and moving in an unwanted direction. The stability of the leg and foot wraps gives the person applying the product confidence and of course, the horse will become more comfortable after experiencing the lack of fussing and how quiet the entire moment becomes."

Dr. Ian Moore
DVM &  Trainer: World Champion Pacer: Shadow Play

"Having recommended poultice applications extensively over the years to my clients in equine practice and also for my own racing  stable, I have found STAYONS leg wraps, hoof wraps and boots to be a very attractive new product line in the equine world. They are extremely convenient and very easy to apply with no fuss or mess and easily do the job we are looking for. Unlike the 'old' way, they are very easy to remove. Horses readily accept them and I am going to highly recommend all the STAYONS products to future clients as well as use them exclusively in my own stable."  
(Photo: Just past the wire, winning US Pacing Championship 2009, David Miller driving: Meadowlands)

Dr. José M. García-López

VMD, Diplomate ACVS

"Excellent for eventers who like to poultice legs right up to their competition time, as they can simply remove the STAYONS Leg Wraps without needing to clean off any residual clay. From a medical standpoint, poulticing is beneficial at reducing edema in the limb which can be detrimental to a horse during exercise."

"The clay / Epsom salt combination works well. It is so simple to apply, is very clean & doesn't stick to the skin on removal of the wraps. We commonly see a lot of scruffiness on the skin due to the dried clay having to be peeled off the leg. Not a problem with the STAYONS Leg Wraps. After heavy work you just wet them, apply around the leg and wrap with a standing bandage and you can be on your way. Quilts stay cleaner too, as little clay remains on the legs or transfers to bandages.

We believe we're revolutionizing the art of the poultice, and we're happy to have supporters like these that are finding STAYONS useful.