Rover Disposable Shipper $38.00

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"I tell everyone that wants to breed to my stud dogs that I ONLY use Rover kits!! You can't go wrong with 100% success so far with Rover." - Kathy Wilkins, Lochlyn Shelties Oct. 2009

That’s right! We have worked “doggedly” to develop the new Rover for the transport of cooled canine semen. Now, dog breeders around the world can benefit from the same proven and reliable technology that revolutionized the horse breeding industry.

The disposable Rover cools the extended semen at a controlled rate and maintains it at a temperature for optimal sperm survivability. And at a low purchase price, the Rover is the most affordable option for shipping cooled canine semen.

We also offer powdered Kenney Extender.

For those who prefer a reusable transport system, our Equitainer system may also be used for shipping cooled canine semen.

Specify with or without one 10ml dose of Kenney Extender.

Benefits of Using the Rover

The Rover is the only cooled semen that can be opened and inspected by airport security without damage to the cooling regime within the container. (Please see important information on the new regulations for counter-to-counter shipping.)

The Rover is the least expensive shipper for cooled canine semen on the market today.

The Rover is based on the proven and reliable technology of the Equitainer system - the "gold standard" in the horse breeding industry.

The Rover is made by a trusted and respected company with years of experience in the reproductive industry - a company that stands behind its products.

Rover Features

- Foam insulator block protects sample from extremes of climate and maintains sample temperature
- Unique internal design means cooling is not affected by position during shipping
- May be opened by airport security without compromising cooling regime
- Box opens lengthwise for easy packaging & removal
- Convenient internal document holder
- Lightweight: 4 lbs for inexpensive shipping
What You Get

1 Disposable Rover Container (outer box and styrofoam interior and cover)
1 Foam Insulator Block
1 Freezer Pack
2 Air-Tite Syringes (10cc) with Caps
Instruction Booklet