Equitainer I - Tube Style Isothermalizer $279

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Tube Style (Shown) Includes: Equitainer I, 1 Tube-style Isothermalizer, Built-in x-ray protection, 2 Freezer Cans, 6 Centrifuge Tubes, Instruction Booklet, Warning Label and Spring Lock.

For years, the patented Equitainer has been the gold standard for transported semen.

The Equitainer has gained the reputation as the preferred cooled semen transporter trusted by veterinarians, universities and breeders around the globe.

ONLY THE EQUITAINER Keeps its Temperature in the Cargo Hold of a Plane.

The Equitainer is designed to maintain precise cooling even in the most unfavorable environments, such as the cargo hold of a plane (click here to see research data). Whatever the outside conditions, the Equitainer cools the semen at a slow, controlled rate from the moment you shut the lid. Correct cooling is essential to avoid damage to the sperm membrane. Faster cooling or fluctuations in temperature have been shown to reduce fertility. Thousands of farms worldwide now ship with confidence in the Equitainer.

ONLY THE EQUITAINER Can be Opened by Airport Security without Harming the Sample.

The patented Isothermalizer maintains the cooling regime and protects the sample to allow security inspections. New airport and government regulations will require much stricter surveillance of all cargo and baggage.

ONLY THE EQUITAINER Shields your Sample Against X-rays.

Powerful x-ray machines are also being setup to fight terrorism in airports across the United States. Lighter lead foil pouches cannot withstand the power of the x-ray machines used in the cargo area. Only the combination of the x-ray protectant shielding the Isothermalizer and in the lid of the Equitainer I sufficiently protects the sample and reduces the potential of x-ray induced damage on the sample.