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Hamilton Research is a pioneer in canine & equine breeding and transport systems.
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Clipper for equine breeding: Introducing a Revolutionary Disposable System for Transported Semen with New Convenient Carry Handle

The Reliability of the Equitainer at a Disposable Cost

The Clipper is newest member of the Equitainer family of products. Combining the “gold standard” technology of the Equitainer with the cost-effectiveness of a disposable equine semen shipper, the revolutionary Clipper gives you both the reliability and value you need.

Don't Leave Sample Cooling to Chance

The cooling rate inside the Clipper is regulated and is not affected by “luck of the draw.” The Clipper is the only disposable system that utilizes the "conduction" method of cooling semen in which heat is transferred between two solid objects in contact with each other. (While the term "heat" may seem contradictory to what you might expect in a cooling system, it simply means that heat is removed from the sample, instead of coldness being sent into the sample.) Other disposable systems use a "convection" method, which means that cooling depends on random air movement within the container, and this type of cooling process is dependent on the position of the container. Thanks to its unique design, the Clipper's cooling process is not affected by the position of the container during shipping. Thus, the cooling rate of the Clipper is always strictly controlled - regardless of whether it is upside down or right side up during shipping!

Compliance with New Airport Security

With the necessity for increased airport security, you can still be confident that your valuable shipment will not be damaged. The Clipper is the only disposable container that can be opened by airline security without risk to the integrity of the cooling process.

Rover for canine breeding: Canine Breeders Now have a New Choice for Transporting Cooled Semen!


That's right! At Hamilton BioVet, Inc. we have worked "doggedly" to develop the new Rover for the transport of cooled canine semen. Now, dog breeders around the world can benefit from the same proven and reliable technology that revolutionized the horse breeding industry.

The disposable Rover cools the extended semen at a controlled rate and maintains it at the correct temperature for optimum sperm survivability. And at a low purchase price, the Rover is the most affordable option for shipping cooled canine semen.