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Hamilton Biovet is dedicated to introducing groundbreaking breeding and therapy products to canine and equine breeders, veterinarians and owners.

We are the same team that invented the Equitainer which transformed the breeding industry. While we continue to offer our world renowned Equitainer family of products we are expanding our product line to launch state of the art therapeutic and diagnostic solutions into the equine market.  Our wealth of equine experience allows us to source and create exciting new products that focus on effective therapy treatments for use by owners, handlers, and veterinarians to improve the wellness, performance, and ultimately the lives of the animals under their care.

As the developer of the Equitainer, we have been at the forefront of the transported semen field since its inception.

We are a customer-oriented company dedicated to providing the most reliable transported semen products to breeders and veterinarians. Initially started as Hamilton Equine Systems in the early 1980's, it was our company that originally brought transported cooled semen to the equine world. While the original "bucket" Equitainer may have been met with skepticism at first, its technology and reliability was soon proven over and over again, resulting in industry-wide acceptance of transported cooled semen.

Now, after 25 years, our products have passed the test of time. We are still the Company breeders and veterinarians turn to when they want the best and most reliable systems for their transported semen program, as evidenced by their testimonials.

Most importantly, we constantly strive to continue the customer-driven traditions upon which our company was built. We are available to answer your questions, listen to your suggestions, evaluate your samples and help you succeed with your transported semen program. We value your patronage and your opinion. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to write us at: info@hamiltonbiovet.com.

We couldn't have achieved our success without the loyal support, recommendations and feedback of our customers, both those we have been doing business with since beginning and those new to transported semen. For this, we sincerely thank you.

The Hamilton Biovet Team

 Meg Douglas-Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer and President

Meg Douglas-Hamilton brings a lifetime of equine experience to Hamilton BioVet, a company with the objective of making animals' lives better. She is an 8th generation horse person who grew up with horses, dogs, cows, chickens, guinea fowl and numerous other animals whose care and welfare were a central part of family life.

After graduating from university, she spent a number of years competing intensively in 3 Day Eventing, riding internationally for the US on several occasions. She trained and rode several horses to international level. While recovering from an injury she had the pleasure of seeing Michael Page win an Olympic Bronze medal and Pan American gold medal on her horse Foster. 

During the 1980's Meg trained, competed and judged dressage horses to grand prix level as well as founding Hamilton Equine Systems where she developed 
the Equitainer for world wide transport of unfrozen equine semen. The Equitainer transformed the breeding industry.  Artificial insemination and transported cooled semen remain the standard not only for sport horse breeds, but for endangered species around the world.

After founding Hamilton Thorne Research in 2001, she identified important problems in Stem Cell, transgenic research and molecular diagnostics for the mammal species. She developed and licensed key enabling technologies, forged accelerated university product development programs and established international distribution channels and strategic sales alliances.

In October 2009, she took Hamilton Thorne, Inc. public on the Toronto Exchange and after accomplishing 30% annual growth she stepped down to form Hamilton BioVet. She remains the Chairman of the Board and Chief Strategic Officer at Hamilton Thorne.


Amy Proctor, Head of Sales & Distribution

Hailing from Cazenovia NY, Amy has called the North Shore of Boston home for almost 30 years. She grew up Pony Clubbing, fox hunting, and riding in local shows in the Central NY area. Amy attended Centenary College for 2 years and received an AS in Equine Studies. She went on to work at the famed Ledyard Stables for 5 years. There she was the assistant manager and enjoyed eventing at the Training level as well as working for the legendary Ledyard Horse Trials. She was also a T.D. for several years and enjoyed the travel that went with that endeavor. In 1990 she started working at Hamilton Farm where she ran the barn and breeding program for 6 years. Amy was proud to say the famous Selle Francais Galoubet was hands down her favorite horse. In 1996 her first daughter was born and she started working in the Hamilton Research office and has continued to do so to this day at the new Hamilton BioVet. Amy has been married to her husband Michael for 23 years and has 2 daughters. Her beloved rescue dog Felix accompanies her to the office every day.


Kristine Ellis, Office Manager & Head of Customer Service

Kristine grew up in Reading, MA with their family dog Nikki dreaming of the day when she would have her own horse. While attending Tufts University, Kristine joined the equestrian team. She bought her first horse, M&M, her sophomore year and added her dog Petey to her four legged family senior year. Upon graduation she worked in Boston for an online investment advisory company. While shopping in a tack store she saw an ad for barn help and, as they say, the rest is history! She was affiliated with two equestrian facilities on the North Shore before landing a job at Hamilton Farm where she lived and managed the barn for 10 years in addition to helping in the office at Hamilton Research. In 2007 her son was born and she transitioned from the barn to the office but continued living at the Farm for 6 more years helping in the barn. In her spare time, Kristine is an on-call firefighter in Hamilton, MA, and is on the committee for the Groton House Summer and Fall classic events. Her rescue dog Coco joins her in the office every day.


Cazzy Smith, Marketing & Sales

Cazzy grew up in Gloucester, MA and worked at Groton House Farm for 18 years. She was involved in the care and breeding of the farm's sport horses. Cazzy also oversees the building of the cross country courses for the 3 events that Groton House Farm hosts every year. She spent several winters working in Southern Pines for a driving/eventing barn. She has been a graphic designer for over 15 years and enjoys combining her equine and marketing knowledge at Hamilton Biovet.


Jane Murray, Advisor

Jane has been participating in horse sports since the early 1970's, primarily in eventing, and has been running horse trials and working with non profit organizations focused on land preservation and horse sport competitions. Originally a banker in Boston for over 20 years, Jane was the Managing Director of HR and Marketing for the Bank of Boston's National and International Corporate Banking franchises. She served on the Carolina Horse Park board of directors and as the organization's Executive Director from 2008 to early 2012.




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